• Logo.

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  • Before and after.

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  • Memphis Car Audio produced CD of authentic urban Memphis music.

    Used as a promotional item at trade and consumer shows.

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  • Catalog featuring portraits undersground Memphis music artists.

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  • Floor mat for car audio dealerships that looks like an authentic Memphis man-hole cover.

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  • Consumer ad.

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  • Consumer ad: Low, loud, true to the street. Genuine Memphis Car Audio.

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Brand Refinement: Memphis Car Audio

SITUATION: Memphis Car Audio was a low profile, high performance car audio component brand with a relatively small but passionate following.

KEY INSIGHT: Memphis needed to turn up the volume on awareness and sales.

SOLUTION: A formal Brand Strategy, with subsequent advertising and promotional tactics, to bring a more intense, authentic focus to the brand image. Integrated campaign elements included consumer and trade advertising, trade show promotions, catalogs and specialty items.

RESULTS: Even when industry-wide sales were flat, Memphis Car Audio enjoyed dramatic growth.