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Brand Launch: My Next Phase

SITUATION: One of the founders of this company realized, upon retiring with a hefty nest egg, that financial security is not, in itself, a fulfilling retirement plan. After consulting with his brother (a clinical psychologist in Westport, CT) and a good friend (an academic psychologist in Knoxville, TN), the three decided to create an interactive, personality-based, non-financial retirement planning tool for Baby Boomers.

KEY INSIGHT: People generally avoid thinking about retirement. Or they limit their thinking to a financial plan. When confronted, what they desire most is clarity. Significant others, financial advisors and HR personnel are key influencers.

SOLUTION: Interdisciplinary collaboration guided by a focused Brand Strategy, which in turn led to an integrated set of communication tools (logo, Information Architecture, web design, ghostwriting, promotional materials, Google landing pages, teaser site, a hardcover book and seminar materials).

RESULTS: Media recognition (Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times, etc.), corporate contracts (Pitney Bowes, Methodist Healthcare), and negotiations for strategic alliances with four major financial service companies.