• The re-branded Fulmer logo was honored with an American Advertising Federation Special Judges ADDY Award for Logo Design and featured in the volume Graphis Logo 6.

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  • Before and after.

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  • Helmet packaging.

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  • Product catalogs and stationery.

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  • Trade show booth with service-station theme - and supporting tactics: direct mail, shop rags, sales binders, and service-station jackets.

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  • Online catalog.

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  • 35th Anniversary Ad, reads: Fulmer Helmets. Out there since 1969.
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Brand Repositioning: Fulmer Helmets

SITUATION: Despite being the American's #2 helmet seller by volume, Fulmer had come to be perceived as a cheap, generic motorcycle helmet brand.

KEY INSIGHT: Fulmer wished to upgrade its image in order to appeal to a broad diversity of riders (including nostalgia cruisers, off-roaders, touring enthusiasts and many more).

SOLUTION: Tactical Magic developed a singular identity with an emotional appeal for all rider types, expressed through an integrated corporate identity system and new packaging. A new marketing campaign included targeted tactics to appeal to individual rider types (advertising, helmet designs) and to dealers (trade show design and promotions, trade advertising).

RESULTS: Fulmer Helmets succeeded in an improved image and greater acceptance among riders. Not to mention increased overall sales. In fact, one helmet design created by Tactical Magic holds the record for being the company’s best-selling helmet graphic ever.