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Brand Positioning Case Studies

Each brand is unique.

Distinct competition, audiences, brand attributes, and market conditions create one-of-a-kind opportunities for success. These case studies reveal how disciplined positioning strategy, followed by varying degrees of identity refinement, have enabled that success:

Brand Hierarchy: Organizing brand constellations for maximum overall impact (parent companies, subsidiaries, product and services lines, etc.)

Brand Launch: A new product or service entering the market with sharp strategic focus.

Brand Refinement: Minor identity adjustments with major returns.

Brand Reinforcement: Leveraging core brand attributes to amplify communications – and even products and sevices themselves.

Brand Repositioning: Navigating sensitive transitions – a new name, a new competitive position, entering a new market, or attracting a new audience – all while carefully building on brand heritage and corporate culture.

Tactical Magic branding campaigns have been awarded regionally, nationally, and internationally by numerous organizations and publications including the Public Relations Society of America, the American Advertising Federation, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Print Magazine, Graphis, Communication Arts Magazine, the One Show, and many more.