Print Regional Design Annual Recognizes Logo and Ad Created by Tactical Magic

Print magazine has selected a trademark created for Basha Shine fashion products and a print advertisement created for Memphis Bioworks Foundation for inclusion in its upcoming Regional Design Annual issue. The pieces, created by Tactical Magic, were singled out as examples of excellent creative marketing communications from among thousands of nominations representing each region of the country.  


Basha Shine CEO and “Founding Accessorista” LeVeda McCou gushes, “I love my new logo. But I love the name Tactical Magic came up with for me even more! ‘Basha’ is a Hebrew girl’s name, meaning ‘daughter of promise.’ It’s so right. Just saying Basha Shine makes me smile!”

The ad for Memphis Bioworks Foundation was created to reach visiting researchers, investors and manufacturers. According to Regina Whitley, Executive Director of Memphis Bioworks Business Association, “We enjoy the way Tactical Magic uses humor to make a serious point. The ad helps to position Memphis as a major center for orthopedic research and development to our core target audience.”

“It’s nice to see Print honor a small business and a not-for-profit,” says Trace Hallowell, Brand Strategist at Tactical Magic, adding, “A brand doesn’t have to be big to make an impression.”

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." - Jeff Bezos