Evangelical Christian School Honors Past and Future with Refreshed Brand Identity System

Memphis-based Evangelical Christian School (ECS) is introducing a new positioning strategy and a brand identity system in order to clarify their unique niche in the highly competitive Memphis private school market. To facilitate the rebranding effort, ECS retained the services of Memphis brand identity specialist firm, Tactical Magic.

The cornerstone of the new identity system is a refreshed version of the school’s long-established symbol, featuring a cross and book within a shield with the initials, ECS. “I have to say that my biggest concern in even looking at our brand was that I didn't want anyone to suspect that we were altering our core mission in any way,” recalls Bryan Miller, president of ECS. He continues, “the Tactical Magic team respected that and never forgot it. And, clearly, together we achieved a result that is true to our unchanging mission, expressive of our high academic standards and an embodiment our unique culture.”

The revamped academic logo is now part of a comprehensive brand identity system, including a new monogram, new athletic graphics, and a new Eagle mascot. Further, the new brand positioning strategy is now summarized by the phrase, “Where mind and spirit grow strong.” Marketing tactics include new campus signage, billboards, brochures, event displays and print advertising.

ECS director of communications Stacey Meredith affirms that the benefits of the new branding are tangible, noting, “the brand strategy did a lot more than help us create better logos.
I use that strategy as a management tool to make sure all communications tactics present a consistent branded voice.”

Meredith expresses enthusiasm about both the development process and the outcome, saying, “the way Tactical Magic worked with us - coaching and helping us see ourselves from a different perspective - was really positive and engaging.” She adds, “and we're all so proud of the new trademarks! Now the academic logo ties in to a whole identity system, including athletics. It's simple, integrated, smart. I love it.”

After a successful rollout of the new branding to key school audiences, Miller concludes, “the ultimate test? Our faculty and families readily embraced and adopted the new logos. The new branding presents a strong image, but mostly it accurately depicts ECS and our mission. It feels like us.”

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." - Jeff Bezos