Two New Designs for Fulmer Helmets

One of the nation’s leading motorcycle helmet manufacturers, Fulmer Helmets, is unveiling two new products, featuring custom graphics created by Memphis branding firm, Tactical Magic.

Designated “Glory” and “Kat,” the new designs enhance the AF 81 line of half helmets – the preferred style for nostalgia cruiser riders. “Glory” has a rustic, stylized American flag graphic and “Kat” boasts a purple leopard fur motif.


The new helmets are not the first to be designed by Tactical Magic. “A few years ago, we gave Tactical Magic a shot at designing a helmet, because they had done such a great job on our logo and promotions in the past,” states Fulmer Helmets vice president Scott Holbrooks. He adds, “Even though they had never designed a helmet graphic before, their first design, the ‘Nocturn,’ became our best-selling graphic of all time.”

The new offerings are already being well received as they are introduced. Holbrooks says, “I had a strong feeling that ‘Glory’ would do well, and it has. My sales guys tell me that they carry one in on calls to dealers and they’re ready to buy on sight! ‘Kat’ is a little more of a surprise. We expected women to like the purple leopard fur graphic, so we manufactured mostly in smaller sizes for them. But guys really like it, too. We have to order more large sizes now, to keep up with the demand.”

“Designing helmet graphics is a challenging departure from our usual diet of brand development and advertising,” says Tactical Magic creative director Trace Hallowell, adding, “I particularlyenjoy the direct accountability you get in retail sales – you instantly know you’ve done good creative work if people buy it.”

According to Holbrooks, based on past success, we can expect more Tactical Magic helmets in the future. “’Glory’ and ‘Kat’ are great additions to the Fulmer Helmet line. They’re already selling strong, even in a down market.”

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