Prosperity Series

Organized by noted sales guru, Don Hutson, the Prosperity Series features highly-credentialed authors and speakers from around the country. Session one kicked off Thursday, June 18, with Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling and The Acorn Principle.

“This series of seminars is conceived as a way for sales and business development people to get a regular diet of practical and inspiring insights from top experts in the field – in a way that’s both more convenient and more economical than the typical annual conference,” says Hutson.

“We’re pleased to have Tactical Magic as a sponsor and branding consultant – they did a tremendous job on our logo,” adds Hutson. “The foundation of a strong brand identity, after all, is a critical part of sales success.”

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"A house of brands is like a family, each needs a role and a relationship to others."
- Jeffrey Sinclair