Local Brand Agency Executive Named to District Addy Judges Panel

March 15, 2007

Tactical Magic creative director and managing partner, Trace Hallowell, was chosen to judge the District 10 ADDY competition this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. Judges were drawn from markets as far away as Florida and California.
“Judging on this level is and honor – and a lot of fun – but it’s also hard work,” says Hallowell, a veteran of creative marketing judging events. Past shows he has juried include other district ADDY shows, as well as national and international competitions, such as the Obies and the New York International Film Festivals.
“I evaluate the work the same way I hope my own work will be judged,” explains Hallowell. “Generally, you look for the highest levels of originality, craftsmanship and persuasive power,” he adds.
Hallowell’s brand agency, Tactical Magic, is no stranger to winning awards, having received numerous awards including ADDY, Telly, Webby, Graphis and Communication Arts in the last year alone.
In fact, though it is a relatively small firm, Tactical Magic was one of the top winners at the recent Memphis Addy Awards.
Winners in the Memphis market will go on to be judged in the District 7 ADDY competition, so Hallowell will not be judging his own work. “I like to think I’m pretty objective,” says Hallowell, “but I wouldn’t want to be the one ranking my own firm’s work in a district ADDY show.”

"A house of brands is like a family, each needs a role and a relationship to others."
- Jeffrey Sinclair