Special Report: CES 2006

Published by Event Marketer, Tuesday, February 7, 2006

There’s only one trade show that can make the lights on the Vegas strip flicker.

The Consumer Electronics Show took over Sin City last month for its biggest run yet, a four-day show attracting some 150,000 guests to a whopping 2,500 exhibitors. The show, combining products and services from nearly a dozen categories, was filled to the gills with all things electronic.

Take a look at this special report and you’ll find 33 of the best exhibits at CES, the displays that used structure to create immersions. Small, medium, and large—size didn’t matter as much as what the brands were trying to say and they way that they said it.

THE SKINNY: Amid all of the look-alike car audio exhibits (read: pimped-out cars featuring booming bass systems), Memphis differentiated itself with cool signage and an interactive design. Products were displayed in clear cases in front of a black background, speckled with orange paint. (Orange is Memphis Audio’s signature color.) Signage was modeled after street signs, and the brand offered a black graffiti wall where attendees could draw or write messages with a silver pen—the wall was almost completely covered by the time we visited on Saturday. The booth was extremely well-staffed and reps were friendly and knowledgeable.

EM’S FAVORITE PART: The brand didn’t shy away from using its bright orange signature color throughout the exhibit. Even the brand ambassadors were outfitted in orange uniforms, making them easy to spot from anywhere on the show floor.

DESIGN/BUILD: Tactical Magic, Memphis, TN

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"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."
- Orson Welles