Client Recommendations

“Over the years, I have been impressed with the combination of marketing thinking and creative ingenuity that consistently comes from this team. I believe I have pretty good ideas myself, and I really like that Tactical Magic includes me in the process. They are pleasantly candid about when they like my ideas and when they don’t. We function together as a team. Let me also point out that the people at TM are not afraid to think outside the parameters I give them - if doing so serves my business needs. They haven’t just made my branding better - in some cases, they’ve helped make my product better.”
- Mr. Michael S. Burnham, Corporate Leader, My Next Phase

“I trust the team at Tactical Magic to look after the interests of my brands with integrity, with strategic savvy, with attention to detail, with respect for my resources, and with high levels of creativity.”
- Ms. Sarah Little, Vice President of Marketing, Luminetx

“The team at Tactical Magic consistently conducts business with integrity, applies sound strategic thinking and delivers outstanding creative solutions. We have worked together on projects ranging from brand strategy development to print advertising to trade show promotion. These people listen well. They stay focused on solving the business problem. And they bring an intense, creative passion to the brand.”
- Mr. Bob O’Connor, CEO, OKPI

“I have worked with Trace Hallowell for nearly twenty years, and with Tactical Magic since its start in 2001. He remains a trusted colleague in the advertising/marketing arena. Tactical Magic would be worthy value-added partners in any marketing communications effort.”
- Mr. Mickey Hodges, Writer

“In many years of working with Trace Hallowell and Tactical Magic, I have found them to be remarkably attuned to the nuances of collaboration with clients, business partners, and creative team members. As a business partner on a major rebranding effort for Meritan (my company produced the television portion of the project) I found a clear willingness to listen to all voices on the team and truly share ownership of the creative product in pursuit of the strategic goals. Tactical Magic’s clients and partners benefit not only from this openness to ideas and creativity, but also from thoughtful strategic development focused on solving the client’s business challenges. This approach results in original, effective creative executions, produced in an environment of collaboration, partnership, and responsiveness to client needs.”
- Mr. Iddo Patt, Producer and Founder, Modern Production Concepts, Audio and Video Production

“Vanick Group considers Tactical Magic as our first option when we require a partner to deliver services outside of our core competence. Tactical Magic has proven, in every case, that they possess the qualities we need in our partners. These qualities include, first and foremost, 1) an ethical and honest approach to conducting business, 2) professional competence which includes creativity and strategic thinking, 3) reliability and responsiveness, 4) and, finally, effective collaboration — they are just “easy” to work with. Up to the point we met the folks at Tactical Magic, this was not the case with “traditional” agencies.”
- Mr. Jim Van de Vuurst, President, Vanick Group, Interactive Development Firm

"A brand is a set of differentiating promises that link a product to its customers."
- Stuart Agres