MEMPHIS, TN – (March 29, 2016) – An award-winning logo created by Memphis branding company Tactical Magic for a local video production company has been included in the 9th volume of LogoLounge, the nation’s leading publication of branding and identity design work.

Running Pony’s new logo features a two-dimensional, multi-colored horse in motion. More than 22,000 logos were submitted for publication by the nation’s branding experts who published LogoLounge, but only 10 percent were selected to appear in the design book’s newest publication.

Trace Hallowell, Tactical Magic’s brand strategist, said his firm’s trademarks have appeared in LogoLounge 20 times since the firm was founded ten years ago. But the selection of Running Pony’s logo is among the sweetest. “We were honored to be chosen to work with such a highly respected Memphis firm like Running Pony. I am proud that we consistently achieve excellence.”

Jonathan Epstein, a partner at Running Pony, said: “This logo helped us refresh our brand image and gave us the opportunity to have new conversations with clients. It brings who we are to life.’’



"A house of brands is like a family, each needs a role and a relationship to others."
- Jeffrey Sinclair